The 10 best cities to travel to


2. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
3. Cape Town, South Africa.
4. Sydney, Australia.
5. Florence, Italy.
6. Cuzco, Peru.
7. Rome, Italy.
8. New York, USA.
9. Istanbul, Turkey.
10. San Francisco, USA.

Of the 10 cities that appear on the list I have been in 6 of them and I don't count the Americans because, for now, it is an area that does not attract my attention. Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Florence, Cuzco and Istanbul It's my six. The truth is that all of them seemed very good cities, but my list would vary, being Buenos Aires my favorite. Not surprisingly, I am in the process of renting an apartment to spend the 15 days of Christmas in this city where it should be the longest rest in my next adventure of 6 months for South America.

In my number 2, of these six, would be Cuzco. Inca culture is breathed throughout the Sacred Valley and the old part of the city -including its Plaza de Armas- is beautiful. The nightlife is spectacular and you can party from Monday to Sunday.

In 3 would be Istanbul, a city that fascinated me and to which I plan to return soon. I spent a week touring its mosques, bazaars, the Bosphorus, the Asian side, smoking in hookah, watching dervishes while enjoying a fruit tea ... ah !, what I would give to be there now. And its people, the best: I still smile when I look at the photos we took with that Turkish couple who taught us how to play backgammon without being able to speak English. I think those teas with them, in that lost neighborhood were the ones we enjoyed the most throughout the trip.

The fourth would be Bangkok, leaving Florence for the fifth. Although the Italian city has an unusual cultural and architectural wealth, the contrast is greater in a city like Bangkok.

Sydney would be the last in my private list. Clean and modern city, with good people but no history. Too perfect for my taste. I wouldn't mind going back one day and spending time there, but it's not part of my list of traveling priorities.

It is clear that the list will always vary according to what one looks for. I, at this time, I value much more culturally different cities, in areas where little development can wait an adventure around every corner. Maybe over time I changed my taste and look for something more modern and comfortable, but today it is.

And for you, which city you know would be your favorite?

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