Things to do in New York with 5 dollars


We already commented that lately the euro is losing strength with the dollar and New York is no longer on sale as it had been during the last months. In any case there are multiple cheap solutions that will give you a good experience on your trip and for very little money.

To continue traveling despite the crisis, we present below a list of places that for less than five dollars you can live a good experience, whether eating or visiting an interesting place:

  • Essex Restaurant, 120 Essex Street

In this place you will find drinks at half price between 6 and 9 at night. The oysters come out at a dollar between 6 and 10 at night and for five dollars you can eat a good dish in a good atmosphere.

  • Mugs Alehouse, 125 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn

You will find pints for a couple of dollars and a great selection of beers. It is a popular place among workers.

  • Hoboken

If you want to visit Hoboken in New Jersey you can take a ferry for 6 dollars. In any case, if you go by train, it will cost you only one and a half dollars and you will still have 3 and a half dollars left to stop at Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop, Franz Sinatra's favorite bakery.

  • Strand Book Store, 828 Broadway

This is the cheapest used bookstore in New York. Search among the countless piles of books, you will surely find some pleasant surprise.

  • Placemark 5, 1310 Avenue of the Americas

Along the avenue there are a lot of stops on the street where you can eat well and at a very good price. Many office people pass by here at noon and at night the lines are incredible.

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 5th Avenue

You enter the museum from a donation. The suggestion is $ 20 but if you leave it on a dollar you can walk around the museum 5 times a week for about $ 5.

  • Gray's Papayas, 402 Avenue of the Americas

A good place to have a couple of hotdogs and a soda for just $ 2.75.

  • The dumpling hour, Eldridge, 16th Union Square

If you go sushi in this place you will find it at half price from 9 at night.

  • Nublu, 62 Avenue C

A good way to end a night in New York may be to go to disco. The Nublu is a cocktail bar with Brazilian electronic music and people dancing fervently. The entrance is 5 dollars if you enter before 10 at night.

Via, Gridskipper