The importance of traveling


Traveling is the best University of life

Traveling all acquires a different perspective

Anyway, I hope no one is offended, they are all personal perceptions which may differ greatly from those of others. In any case, what I am trying to explain is the amazing way to resemble each other according to where we come from, the place where we have grown up, where we have formed; at the same time, each culture has its singularities and there are many details that differentiate us.

What has always fascinated me during my travels is that, despite all the above, all the people that I have met or that I have simply observed in any country visited, have a common characteristic, something that unites us to each and every one of the inhabitants of this planet: we try to be happy. Each one in the way he knows, who can, or simply in the way he has been taught.

In India they are happy with their rice and their songs; in Thailand with his sanuk and his tai boxing; the japanese they are happy with their discipline and their love for things well done; the bolivians they are happy with their humility and decency; the Argentines they are happy with their melancholy and their glory that they do not understand of time; and so I could have a good time trying to briefly explain the different ways of being happy that I have discovered through my travels and my observation; always, I repeat, from my perception and my personal opinion, marked this one, of course, by the country in which I have grown and by the culture with which I have inevitably impregnated myself.

When you travel you never know what you can find around the corner

All this leads me to highlight some details that seem important to me during the training process as people, 5 aspects that I propose to strengthen especially in the world education system:

1. Travel

Travel as a compulsory subject in a new educational system.

Because traveling allows you to see that there are many ways to interpret life and that there are many ways to achieve that happiness that we all yearn for. There are things that are not learned without leaving your home, your town, your city or your country. Y the diversity with which you impregnate yourself during your travels is priceless.

Let's look for formulas for young people to be able to travel and learn about other ways of thinking and interpreting life, because I am convinced that this will allow greater personal satisfaction to be achieved which, in turn, will have an impact on the whole and help that Together we build a more open and more tolerant society.

2. Languages

Let's invest in learning other languages. In a globalized world, large-scale communication is essential. The days in which the greatest adventure of our lives was to spend vacations in an exotic and distant place for a few weeks have gone down in history. Now there are means that allow us to communicate with people from all corners of the world at any time, anywhere. Let's get tools to get the most out of personal and general enrichment of it. Let's make an effort and go beyond ourselves to get a little closer to others.

3. Exchanges

Let's mix very early. Let's not wait for the need to force us to adapt. Let's grow easily to absorb concepts other than those we learn in our home community.Let our teenagers meet young people like them They have the same doubts but at the same time the same energy and the same desire to fight for their dreams.

4. Undertake

Let's teach to undertake. Let's get rid of this educational system designed to train operators. Let's be brave and determined, at the same time as realists, and accept that we live a new era far beyond the end of an industrial revolution that gave us factories and chain production but should only be part of the history books. We are witnessing a new revolution, technology, and more than operators creativity, initiative and daring is required.

It is useless and turn your back on reality because, as a good friend of mine said, that is the same as paddling up the river: you never move forward and you get tired twice as much.

5. Decide

Let's teach to make decisions. Let's provide all possible tools; let's do everything in our power so that there is the maximum possible equality of opportunities; But let's not chew our future generations' bread. To make decisions, like everything in life, you also have to learn.

Because there is no greater freedom than to own and at the same time slave to your decisions. It is also true that there is no better learning than that provided by your own mistakes; but it is not the same to make a mistake after having made a personal and personal decision, than to do it without finding out anything and then spend your life asking yourself the how and why of the situation you arrived at.