Surprise at the airport


Those times when traveling by plane was a delight

Next Saturday I have to go back to step on an airport and I'm starting to get nervous.

Not long ago I told you the last horror episode that I had to live shortly before getting on a plane in which, a priori, it should be a trip without too many shocks.

Following that article I wrote began to rain comments from readers identified with what had happened to me, which confirmed that traveling by plane has ceased to be a wonderful experience for many.

After what I learned on that trip, this time I intend to prepare myself conscientiously so as not to take any surprise at the airport, so I am making a list of those key points that I must keep in mind before embarking on my adventure. You help me?

In this ball there are 2 bags for which I had to pay 1 euro at the airport

1. The plastic bag

Incredible but true. In this little ball there are two little bags for which I had to pay 1 euro at the airport. Despite carrying all my bathroom utensils In a toiletry bag, the always endearing airport employees did not let me continue my journey without first making the essential purchase. They had to make sure that my shaving brush would go through the X-ray tunnel (also known as Tunnel of Terror) in a totally safe way and without causing any mishap.

This time they don't catch me because I kept the bags, ball included, to use them for the rest of my days.

2. The laptop

As usual, he will travel with me and I will take him ready in the top of the suitcase to take it out easily before they ask me to. airport employees.

My goal is to cross the border that these people have installed between the burden and tranquility without having the opportunity to give me any order. I have made it a personal issue.

3. The documents

I have the national identity document in order, as well as the passport. None of them expire in a few years.

I once had to buy a new plane ticket at the airport because my son had turned years between the outbound and the return flight. We went on a trip to celebrate it and, returning a week later, it was no longer less than two years old but older than two, so the ticket with which the kid intended to access the plane was invalid.

It is hard to believe but it is true. There was no way to get the airline employees into reason. Guess what company I'm talking about? Surely you have succeeded.

4. The suitcase

Well measured and heavy to the last gram. I'm not caught here this time either. I understand that the rules are to be respected, but a hundred grams up or down, most of the time because of the difference in scales used, it should not become a drama.

Well, again I must confess to having seen passengers opening the suitcase to get a pair of jackets or pants because they were overweight of two hundred grams.

Honestly, it seems to me that at airports they are starting to get mad at the staff.

5. The water

Sometimes I think that in some previous life the airports were deserted. Or at least their managers must believe it, because I can't find any other way to explain the exorbitant price of a bottle of water at airports.

Is it really necessary to charge three euros for half a liter of water? Does anyone else think vile and excessive abuse?

This time I'm going to take a two-liter bottle and I'm going to drink it just before crossing the terror tunnel, even though I'm not thirsty. And if I have to go to the bathroom fourteen times before getting on the plane, so be it.

I know it will not be easy, but I feel totally prepared to undertake this new journey without taking me any surprise at the airport. If you think I am forgetting something fundamental, please let me know as soon as possible!