The places that stole my heart while traveling and where I would live


You go with your backpack in tow - or dragging the suitcase - across the world, like a turtle, with its shell and in no hurry. You don't know when or where you're going to get tired of wandering around those countries where culture is as foreign to you as the basic precepts of the Church of Scientology (unless you're Tom Cruise ... If so, how are you, Tom?).

You know that when that happens - the thing about getting tired, not what Tom Cruise reads to me - you will take a flight and return home. To the everyday, to the known, to your loved ones. To that place where everything remains the same as when you left.

However, there are some travelers who never return. They fall in love with a place - or a person - and decide to change their place of residence.

It is not my case, because I am very happy in Alicante, but the truth is that I have visited places that caught me. Towns or cities where I would have stayed to live, at least for a season.

Here you have some of my favorites:

Istanbul, Turkey

The Hagia Sophia Basilica in Istanbul

The capital of Turkey is my clear number one on the list.

In no other city in the world have I felt the mix of happiness, freedom, depth and romanticism who possessed me when I was walking through the streets of Istanbul.

The mix between East and West occurs here like nowhere else in the world. Mosques that were churches, palaces, the sunset cruise on the Bosphorus, the decaying neighborhoods on the Asian side, fishermen looking for their daily wages or killing time as they can on the Galata Bridge, the catacombs that pierce the lower parts of the city , the chaos of the bazaars, the street juices of orange and pomegranate, the galleries of alternative art, the thousands of smells, the alleys that hide secrets ... I fell in love with it all.

Living in Istanbul is a wish that I hope will come true one day.

Cape Town, South Africa

The Table Mountain seen from afar

The first time I set foot in Africa was at the airport Cape Town. I remember it as an epic moment, not only because it meant the realization of a long-awaited dream, but because I had the feeling that the African light was really different from everything I had previously known in other countries.

Cape Town welcomed me with open arms and in the five days I spent there I realized that I would love to live there. Is cosmopolitan, vibrant, with an African and European mix that seems to take the best of both places. Lively terraces, urban beaches that seem pristine, deep and moving culture and history, brave soul, African avant-garde design, racial mixing, magnificent restaurants and wines, close proximity to the great natural beauty of the Cape of Good Hope ... And presiding over it, the imposing Table Mountain.

The day I climbed to its top, I realized that it gave off unparalleled energy. It was the happiest day of my trip two months through South Africa. Remembering that moment now, I recognize him as the one who made me want to live in Cape Town for a long time. It's never too late.

Dublin, Ireland

The Half Penny bridge in Dublin