3-week trip to Tunisia


The following is a tour traveling through Tunisia for free made for three weeks with the backpack in tow and without renting a car or using tour guides.

Tunisia is a destination close to just a couple of hours of flight from Spain. Even so, with this short displacement we immerse ourselves in a different culture and religion. Tunisia offers a disparate landscape, with part of the Sahara desert to the south, Roman ruins in great state of conservation such as Dougga, El Djem or Sbeitla, oasis full of palm forests and a Mediterranean coast capable of competing with other more common destinations in the lists of the best enclaves of the sun and beach.

Roman columns in Sbeitla

The latest events, especially after the attack in the Bardo Museum in March 2015, may have changed the perspective of many tourists when choosing their vacations. Tunisia no longer receives as many tourists as before. Even so, today, unfortunately, total security cannot be guaranteed by any destination. The lower influx lowers prices, expands accommodation possibilities and allows us to make a route through the country apart from the usual tourist hordes.

As we discussed earlier the good transport communication in Tunisia with coaches, trains and especially louages (shared taxis in the form of a van) offers the opportunity to travel independently without having to take a tourist pack and enjoy your trip at a much cheaper price and at your leisure.

As you can see watching the route when you go only one takes a good pace and almost does not rest for a second. Anyway, whether you want to get to know Tunisia at a quiet pace or fast I hope it will serve as a reference to plan your trips through Tunisia.

Planning and route of the trip by days

By clicking on each of the destinations you will reach the content directly.

  1. Tunisia, Carthage and Sidi Bu Said
  2. Dougga's spectacular Roman ruins
  3. Le Kef: escaping the tourist route
  4. Visit to the spectacular Roman ruins of Sbeitla
  5. Gafsa's oasis
  6. The oasis of Tozeur
  7. The oasis of Nefta
  8. The ghost town of Kebili
  9. The Douz Desert
  10. Matmata: Where the Star Wars was filmed
  11. The Haddej: The Tatooine of True Star Wars
  12. Visit to Tamerzet: a travel alternative
  13. Visit to Sfax
  14. The great coliseum of El Djem
  15. Madhia: the tourist alternative to Hammamet
  16. The sacred city of Kairouan
  17. Visit to Zaghouan
  18. Image gallery of the trip to Tunisia

Tunisia, Carthage and Sidi Bu Said

Upon arriving in the capital of Tunisia, I found the cheaper hostels around Barcelone square. I stayed in one of the first ones I saw that I had single rooms at decent prices with laundry but no shower.

In the morning I went to the community bathroom and found a sink and a hose. There didn't seem to be a hole to drain the water so I deduced that there was no shower in the hostel. I checked different communal toilets in the hostel and I found the same provision: A sink, a hose and a completely flat floor with no water outlet. I checked that nobody was walking in the halls and I decided to take a quick shower with that hose, crouched down so I could wash my head and with my clothes hanging on the door.

I came out clean and fresh and suddenly a plump woman came to me who hit my first Muslim row of my life. With four words in Catalan in French accent we ended up being a little more friends and the woman even allowed me to use her own bathroom to take a shower in one of the hostel's suites.

Together with Marcelo, a charrúa I met on the way to Tunisia from the airport, we went out to the street and headed to the Barcelone square where all the trams of the city leave.

Accommodation Tip

If you want to avoid searches and book accommodation in the center of Tunisia you can do the following link without any price increase:


A man fishing on the shore of Carthage

From Tunisia we go to Carthage and the coastal city of Sidi Bu Said. They are in fact the three most tourist places in the capital Tunisia - with the exception of the center and the bazaar - and can well be visited on the same day. The connection of trams and buses throughout the city allows one to travel without any problem.

Carthage disappoints A little if you expect to find the remains of a glorious past. No matter how much imagination one puts, it is difficult to build the huge Roman port that ruled the city in the air. Raising columns and amphitheaters with imagination in Carthage is only within reach of Kandinski or other surrealist artists. In Carthage there are only four stones left from his glorious past.

A little further north, two train stops, you reach Sidi Bu Said. A beautiful tourist town painted white and blue where cruise ships stop to stroll through its quiet streets and buy souvenirs.

It is an ideal place to finish a day trip that has taken us through the most emblematic places of the capital of Tunisia. As a final prize, a quiet dinner in one of the many terraces that are scattered around Sidi Bu Said with views of the Mediterranean and Sicily.

The Mediterranean Sidi Bu Said