Guide to travel to Benidorm: beaches, amusement parks, nature, visits and parties


When you are from Alicante (as is my case) there comes a time that you're tired of hearing about Benidorm in a derogatory tone. What if Benidorm is only for older people during the winter and English and German drunkards during the summer. What if he has nothing to do. That if it is a totally old-fashioned vacation place ... And so I could follow a few paragraphs, letting go Topic after topic.

Nothing is further from reality ... And I'm going to prove it to you.

If so many people reserve their trips to Benidorm throughout the year (here there is hardly the term 'low season'), something will have to take place.

Benidorm, being in the north of the province of Alicante and close to the province of Valencia, absorbs cultural influences of both. its gastronomy It is led by spectacular rices and, although its beaches are its flag (and more blue than none), the nature surrounding Benidorm is also composed of mountains pierced by routes perfect for hiking and offering incredible viewpoints.

Benidorm has that aura of a place where everyone is on vacation all year round, and, what do you want me to say: that seems really joyful to me.

But let's specify a little things to see and do in Benidorm, so you don't miss anything:

Benidorm Levante Beach

First, I start with logistics. To enjoy all the things to see in Benidorm, People usually travel to it from Alicante.

There are buses that take you directly from Alicante Airport to Benidorm. The distance is about 45 km, and the AP-7 motorway will take no more than 35 minutes by car. You can also travel from the center of Alicante to Benidorm with the buses of the ALSA group.

If you are in Alicante and do not want to travel to Benidorm by road, you can always opt for the tram. Alicante TRAM It takes you from the center of Alicante to Benidorm in just over an hour and a quarter. It is not the fastest option, but the journey along the coast is really beautiful and you fly away.

The offer of hotels in Benidorm exceeds almost everything you can imagine. It is normal, considering that it is one of the most visited places in all of Spain.

You will find all kinds of hotels in Benidorm, from authentic oases of luxury, to cheap places to spend a weekend, or complexes specially prepared to receive families with children for long stays.

It will not cost you to find an offer that suits your needs.

Torre del Aguiló viewpoint

It is true that the beaches of Benidorm are urban and do not fit in the profile of wild and natural beaches, but the mountain and a beautiful rugged coast is among the things to see in Benidorm and its surroundings.

Just south of Benidorm, before reaching Villajoyosa, you will find One of the best viewpoints in the area. Take the route that starts at the El Torres campsite and is attached to the coast until ascending to the Aguiló Tower, a defensive stronghold built in the 16th century as a prevention network against pirate attacks.

Along the way you will skirt beautiful cliffs and pass through small coves of Caribbean waters. From the viewpoint of the Torre del Aguiló, you will see Benidorm, from the south, in all its fullness.

Although the best viewpoint from which to see Benidorm from the inside is none other than that of the peak Puig Bell. Its peak cut in two, and rising 1,410 meters above sea level, is the second highest in Spain so close to the sea. It is only 10 km from the coast. Ascent to its top does not require technical knowledge and is a good walk through nature, between pine forests and scrubland typical of Mediterranean vegetation.

Way of the Puig Campana