Badajoz Carnival Program 2019


While everyone knows the Carnivals of Cádiz or Tenerife, the one of Badajoz has been working a fame that, for a long time, has led him to occupy a drawer on the podium of the best carnivals in Spain. In addition, it is considered, if we attend only the parades of troupes, as the best carnival in Europe.

All this led the Spanish government to declare the Badajoz Carnival as a Festival of National Tourist Interest.

And it is that the Carnival of Badajoz is made with the passion of the people of the whole city. Tens of thousands of people crowd the streets of the old town during Carnival days. All Badajoz is thrown into the street ... And also dressed up.

On Badajoz Carnival party nights, you will find it virtually impossible to find a person who is not in disguise, regardless of their age and social status.

A little history of the Carnival of Badajoz

Although there are centuries-old chronicles that tell stories of the Badajoz Carnival, it is in XIX century when they begin to appear much more frequently.

In that century, they were performed mask dances in places like the Casino de Badajoz, the Círculo Obrero and the Liceo de Artesanos.

After the Civil War, General Franco banned the costumes and the sharp pacense criticism of the authorities. After his death, Badajoz Carnival was resurrected, especially since 1980, year in which the different competitions and parades begin to be organized.

Popular support was massive from the beginning and this would lead the Junta de Extremadura and the Badajoz City Council to create the Carnival Museum in the city (2007), and the government of Spain to declare it a Festival of National Tourist Interest (2011).

What is the Badajoz Carnival

Mainly the Carnival of Badajoz consists of parades, murgas, endless party and a river of people in disguise that takes the whole city. I know it is a simple summary, but also very valid.

The Badajoz Carnival begins with the Candle Festival. This It is divided into two celebrations: that of the Right Bank (organized in the San Fernando neighborhood with a great dye claim) and that of Santa Marina (more festive tone and organized in the homonymous neighborhood).

The first is celebrated on the penultimate Saturday before the start of the carnival, while the other takes place on the Saturday before Carnival Friday.

On those nights, a doll called "marimanta" is burned and people swell at hornazos and Extremadura wine. Then, “La Tamborada” arrives, in which the bands play their percussion instruments.

After these two celebrations arrive the strong days of the Badajoz Carnival, whose activities we will tell you in this program of the Carnival of Badajoz 2019.

Friday, March 1

  • During the afternoon the official parade of children's groups.
  • Grand Final of the Murgas Contest at the Ayala Theater: it is one of the best events of the Badajoz Carnival and you will not be able to stop laughing for several hours. If you do not get tickets for this show, you can always go to the Templete, where the City Council will install screens to follow the event.
  • At 20:30 will begin, in the Municipal Palace, the Official proclamation of the Carnival of Badajoz 2019. In this case, the person in charge of doing it will be the actor Fernando Tejero, famous for his role in the series “Here there is no one who lives”.

Saturday, March 2

  • Children's and Youth Murgas Contest: in the López Ayala theater, during the day.
  • Street Murgas: the groups of murgas will be responsible for putting music and color to the streets of Badajoz.
  • The San Francisco Promenade will take place on Popular Costume Contest With prizes for the best individual or couple costume, and the best makeup.
  • At night, the streets of the South Front (Plaza de Conquistadores and Santa María de la Cabeza) and the North Front (the streets of Casco Viejo) become a Great costume celebration. Don't even think about disguising yourself!

Sunday, March 3

  • In the morning you can enjoy the Great Parade of Comparsas, minor groups and artifacts, which ends with the deliberation of the jury announcing the winner of the Comparsas Contest.

Monday, March 4

  • In the afternoon they will take place children's performances and costume contests in the district of San Roque.

Tuesday, March 5

  • San Roque Neighborhood: Tasting of crumbs, perrunillas and anise.
  • Burial of the Sardine, which will be followed by the Parade of Comparsas of the Carnival Tuesday in Badajoz.
  • After burning the Sardine, the night will be accompanied by a Wine, bread and sardines tasting.

* Missing confirmation of definitive hours.