Final impressions on Thailand


Sunset at Koh Lanta

During this trip around the World in which we are immersed we have spent some 5 weeks in Thailand. Now - writing this at the end of May in our caravan in Australia - I look back and think what I would have expressed in Ireland with a Way too much.

As always, it all depends on what each one looks for in their travels, but personally I would have spent a couple of weeks in Thailand at most, or something else if I had had my own vehicle. It is my personal opinion, of course.


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Is a country totally oriented towards tourism. I believe that in no other of those that I have visited in my life have I seen so many facilities for the traveler. If you want to reach a famous island you will have a thousand alternatives and services to do it, if it is half famous, hundreds; and if it is half unknown, three or four.

This has its pros and their cons. If you want to enjoy beaches, parties, some trekkings and others, you will have everything at your fingertips and at very cheap prices. Of course, always surrounded by western tourists. If what you are looking for is adventure, that you have to work many more things on your own, reach remote places where there are no tourists and contemplate beaches or paradisiacal forests alone, you will have to search a lot and very well.

I visited Thailand for the first time in 2003. I spent 4 weeks at the time and it seemed like a great place. I went with one of my best friends and we were looking for more party, beach and some natural park. Although there was already enough tourism now it is somewhat overwhelming. And with the arrival of both western and business opportunities, even dealing with Thais has changed for the worse. On the one hand for a greater ambition and on the other because they are a little to the very same of both western being mazo and deviating throughout the country.

There are still ways to get to know Real Thailand. In Burma we met Rob and John, two kids - 19 and 23 years old - who had rented a motorcycle in Chiang Mai and spent a couple of weeks touring the part of the country that borders Myanmar. They told us that in most places there was no foreigner and people were extremely kind and curious with them. From what we saw only Koh Payam and Koh Mook had less western tourism.

I have been told by many travelers that the Philippines now it is like the Thailand of about 15 years ago, when you could still walk around the islands without seeing too many blue-eyed blondes speaking German or English and knowing something more about the local culture.

Not only is the Philippines a very good option in Southeast Asia, but countries like Myanmar, Cambodia or even China offer the traveler a more authentic journey.

The beaches and diving are still first-but they are deteriorating more and more with mass tourism - but I think it will take many years to return, if I ever do.